Command Centers

The command center is a critical part in emergency management. This center is a primarily a communications center with the capability of receiving and tracking status and directing response activities. As such, communications technologies including voice (telephony and radio), video and data are all essential to the operation of these centers.

The Costas Group has considerable experience in the design, construction and operation of Command Centers in support of public safety and other agency mission-critical operations. These experiences include:

  • Evaluate and determine operational requirements
  • Assess technology required to support the Command Center mission
  • Voice, Video, Data
  • Design the physical layout of Command Center,
  • Determine critical redundancy requirements and backup support

We have designed and integrated two of the Washington, DC region's preeminent communications and coordination operations centers, and are currently supporting another center currently under development

Emergency Communications Center Operations

We are also familiar with the operation and technology of E-9-1-1 centers and Emergency Operations Centers (EOC). Our firm is currently working in New York City, Fairfax County, VA on large E-9-1-1 improvement projects impacting all aspects of E-9-1-1 services to include: facilities, staffing, communications, applications, operations and funding. Our firm is familiar with the key technical elements of public safety communications technology and operations. We have prepared requirements and procurement documentation, and supported negotiations for new E-9-1-1 telecommunications systems and equipment in New York City and Washington, DC. We have also provided project management oversight to the implementation and testing of the network and the Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) in Washington, DC and recently started in New York City. We are familiar with logging and recording, radio and CAD requirements development, procurement, implementation, operations and maintenance in multiple jurisdictions.

Emergency Operations Centers

We have supported Emergency Management agencies in several jurisdictions including Washington, DC where we designed and managed the construction and integration of the District’s Emergency Operations Center as well as a public safety Operations Center that is utilized by over 25 law enforcement organizations including the FBI, Secret Service, and the Metropolitan Police Department. We also designed a new Emergency Operations Center for the City of Philadelphia. Currently we are in the process of supporting the implementation of a new EOC for Fairfax County, VA, which is the largest suburb of Washington, DC. Internationally, we have been employed by the US State Department and other US federal agencies to conduct EOC evaluations in the Kingdom of Jordan and Bulgaria.

Video Monitoring and Surveillance Systems

Video is becoming increasingly important source of information to the command Center. Sources may include traffic cameras, television, or public safety sources, either stationary or mobile. The Costas Group, Inc. has a significant level of experience in conducting requirements analysis and designing video camera networks, as well as camera placement. Some of the video systems initiatives we have supported include:

  • Develop video surveillance policies and regulations
  • Design video surveillance systems including camera location, network and monitoring
  • Custom design video surveillance in support of specific event management
  • Develop procedures and training programs

Command Centers :

  • Washington, D.C
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Fairfax County, VA
  • Metropolitan Boston Homeland Security UASI
  • Public Property, Philadelphia, PA
  • Emergency Management Center, Philadelphia, PA