Since 9/11, the need for improved capability for jurisdictions to be able to work together has driven a range of interoperable solutions. This requirement has resulted in a variety of interoperability initiatives, and The Costas Group has been engaged in a number of initiatives to address these requirements.

Voice and Radio Interoperability

Currently, one of the highest priorities for interoperability is in voice and radio. In assessing voice and radio interoperability requirements, one needs to consider an array of aligned agencies such as:

    • Federal agencies co-located in the region
    • Agencies in neighboring jurisdictions
    • State Police and other State agencies
    • Emergency Management and Public Works

The Costas Group, Inc. is engaged in some of the most complex communications interoperability environments in the country. Specifically, we have involvement in the New York City and National Capital Region initiatives, including some major jurisdictions within those areas. Our teams involvement covers solutions as cross banding and interconnection devices such as the JPS ACU 1000.

Data Interoperability:

Another key area for interoperability is data. The need for sharing consistent data among agencies and jurisdictions is evolving. Be it to coordinate and support mutual aid activities, or to efficiently transfer response information, data interoperability for systems such as CAD and emergency management communications systems is becoming more prevalent. Our experience

Shared solutions

An extension of interoperability is the rising use of shared solutions, be it

  • Common applications, such as CAD or emergency management communications,
  • Sharing facilities, such as the communications center and emergency operations center, creating multi-jurisdiction/multi-function centers or
  • Sharing video and data sources.

Our engagements almost always require interoperability as a significant consideration.

Interoperability Clients:

  • UASI
  • New Haven
  • New York City, NY
  • Fairfax County, VA
  • Bulgaria