Operations and Systems Planning and Implementation

The implementation of new or upgraded technology requires extensive planning to ensure success. The Costas Group, Inc. approaches such initiatives with a thorough assessment of the business requirements of the solution – including both the existing requirements and the vision of the future requirements for the solution. By combining the organization’s vision with our experience and knowledge of operational best practices, we are able to help design an optimal solution for our clients. Based on a meticulous set of requirements, we are able to support the development of an RFP, if needed as well as proposal evaluations.

Our experience in this area includes support for:

  • Strategic planning
  • Operations and systems assessments
  • Requirements Analysis
  • RFP development and proposal evaluation
  • Vendor management
  • Systems implementation
  • SOP development and training
  • Migration planning

Project Highlight

Fairfax County contracted with The Costas Group, Inc. to develop a Public Safety IT architecture and strategy for public safety and emergency management information system, addressing integration and interoperability. Fairfax County has multiple disparate systems with varying architectures in its public safety and emergency management information systems portfolio. The County’s goal was to align the architecture of these systems more in line with the County’s overall systems architecture. A second objective is to upgrade public safety systems and in doing so take advantage of interoperability opportunities within the County and with neighboring jurisdictions. Our focus is on an integrated public safety emergency management information solution with CAD/RMS at its core. We also provided project management and quality assurance services throughout the implementation of various technology solutions related to the County’s planned Public Safety and Transportation Operations Center (PSTOC). Our work proceeded in three phases:


  • Washington, D.C.
  • New York City
  • Fairfax, VA