The 9-1-1 emergency communications center is a critical hub in the delivery of emergency public safety services and emergency response. The Costas Group, Inc. has been involved in projects at major 9-1-1 centers, providing extensive experience in the breadth of issues vital to these centers, including the facility, operations and technology.


The Costas Group, Inc. is a A keystone to the Emergency Communications Center is technology. Our wide-ranging experience in the planning, management, installation and integration of these technologies includes:

    • Telephony
    • CTI
    • Voice Logging
      and Recording
    • CAD/RMS
    • GIS
    • Mobile
      Computers Terminals
    • Radio
    • Video


As a critical facility, requiring 24X7 operations with a very high level of availability - i.e. virtually no downtime, the design of the 9-1-1 emergency communications center facility must consider the resident's requirements for power and communications as well as the interactions between the various team members within the facility. In addition, with the role of the center increasingly to support interoperations, more focus is being spent on the joint tenancy of related agencies, such as Transportation, allowing a more synchronized approach to emergency response. Similarly, the high cost of these facilities drives jurisdictions to evaluate the potential to share costs across agencies and even jurisdictions to achieve appropriate financial scale.

The Costas Group has been involved with the design and implementation of a number of major facilities. They are able to utilize these experiences to help with facility design and operations even extending to the complex environment of shared tenancy. This experience includes governance, operations procedures and financial considerations.

Operational Best Practices

The Costas Group, Inc. is a A The Costas Group extensive project experience provides a thorough understanding of the issues and best practices surrounding the 9-1-1 Center. Beyond our project experience, we have also visited a number of key centers to obtain additional insight in facilities, operations, technology, training, funding, process management, and organization.By leveraging our extensive knowledge of best practices we provide the key elements for planning, implementing and managing a 9-1-1 solution.

9-1-1 Clients:

  • Washington D.C.
  • Fairfax County
  • New York City
  • Chesterfield County, VA
  • State of New Mexico

9-1-1 Consulting Services

  • Develop, design and manage 9-1-1 Police and Fire Emergency Operation Centers.
  • Technology planning, review integration and installation
  • Benchmark best practices
  • Reengineer business processes
  • Conduct analysis of police, fire and EMS 9-1-1 call routing and dispatching
  • Provide back-up facility planning and implementing for 9-1-1 operations
  • Perform organizational analysis
  • Develop policies, regulations and standard operating procedures
  • Conduct staffing, qualifications and organizational analysis
  • Assess non-emergency processes and procedures for telephone routing

New York City’s E-911 Emergency Communications Transformation Project

The Costas Group Inc. is involved in all aspects of this comprehensive, $1.5B program to improve emergency communications facilities, systems, and operations in New York City. The program is composed of over 30 individual projects all aimed at upgrading the emergency communications capabilities for first responders in the nation’s largest city. The projects range from renovating existing and building new facilities, new applications to include Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), automated vehicle location (AVL), new E-911 telephone switching and trunking capabilities, radio communications, networking and operations. Our staff has been involved in this project from strategy development through the current implementation.

Kane County

Kane County has recently contracted with The Costas Group Inc. to provide a migration manager to lead their efforts to relocate their 911 center to a new facility. 911 and the Office of Emergency Management will co-locate at the new facility. The project entails reconstruction of the floor space to support the 911 operations and administration, with major re-work of the existing electrical and mechanical infrastructure, the acquisition of some new technology and relocation of much of the existing telephony and radio equipment. As part of our assignment, we are also relocating the primary radio transmit site, and coincidentally, evaluating radio coverage throughout the county. This analysis will include propagation studies for the receive and transmit sites throughout the County. A result of the study will be the development of a long term strategy and plan for Public Safety radio in the County. A final aspect of our support is to develop policies and procedures in support of the 911 organization’s move from the Sherriff’s department to an independent KaneComm Board. This also entails an array of consulting activities including the development of chargeback, user agreements and administrative support requirements