Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI)

These Federal initiatives have provided large funding opportunities to improve security on a very broad scale for many regions across the country. However, they also require significant level of regional coordination of effort and rapid progress to achieve objectives of these programs.

We are very familiar with the requirements associated with project and solutions in support of UASI. This understanding of the UASI/Regional environment is based on having performed engagements in the National Capital Region (NCR) and New Haven. Based on this experience, we are familiar with the governance, funding, reporting and other challenges facing the various regions in order implement the solutions dictated by these initiatives. This includes the time constraints UASI projects place on the government official to execute projects in compliance with the funding requirements dictated by this program.

Project Highlights

The Costas Group, Inc. provided program management services to the Washington, D.C. National Capital Region (NCR) Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI). In this role, we worked directly with the NCR UASI Senior Policy Group (SPG) (which included the Deputy Mayor for Public Safety in Washington, DC, the Governor’s Homeland Security Directors of Virginia and Maryland, the Emergency Management Directors from these entities, the US Department of Homeland Security official for the NCR, and the NCR UASI State Administrative Agency (SAA).

During our six month engagement, we evaluated the project progress of nearly 60 projects and recommended corrections and/or improvements regarding their execution and funding. Additionally, we developed a data base to better manage the projects. We also provided support to the SPG including proposals for organizational improvement as well as operational support to include facilitation of weekly meetings, briefings and other tasks in direct support of the SPG and the federal mandates governing their activities.


  • National Capital Region (NCR)
  • New Haven, CT